Is your product complying with market demands?

Are you taking advantage of your competitive differentiation?

Are you getting all the profit you could from your portfolio?

Market Analysis

We analyze the market and the needs in the target sector

We study the competition assessing the difficulty of introduction in the market

We quantify the real opportunity in the short, medium and long term by identifying the ideal moment for a launch

We analyze the risks of the sector and the specific business that is being developed

Come up with an idea

We analyze if the exposed ideas agree with the market needs

We work as a team looking for other ideas and additions that enhance the initial idea using the company's own talent

We review the functional specifications, we finalize the product requirements and prioritize based on the business

Create Product & Service

We review and finalize the MRDs (Marketing Requiring Documents) and PRDs (Product Requiring Documents)

We create the business case and we analyze the losses and gains derived from its commercialization

We structure a roadmap and, if it is feasible, we start with a beta program of the product that helps us adjust the marketing parameters